Invest into a farm

Catfish Farm
ROI: 20% - 42%
Duration: 12 - 24 months
Ginger Trading
ROI: 25%
Duration: 10 months
Rice Trading
ROI: 22%
Duration: 7 months
ROI: 23%
Duration: 8 months

Sustainable Technology

We believe that in the coming years, technology will be a main driving force in the evolving agribusiness value chain, it will also serve as an enabler for improvements in food system productivity and welfare. We as a startup are set for advancements in emerging areas of technology such as seed and food bioengineering, data analytics, and robotics which will no doubt present new opportunities to produce food in smarter ways


Food Security

We are committed to eradication of hunger, malnutrition and ensuring a sustainable system in which everyone have access to sufficient safe and nutritious food


Economic & Social Development

We want to play our own part by eliminating poverty and the driving of the society towards economic and social progress, increasing food production, enhancing rural development and sustainable livelihoods


Investing in the Rural Community

We observed that the rural communities play a great role in production of the food we eat as a nation. However, not so much development is experienced in these rural areas. Rural small holders’ farmers must receive increased levels of direct and indirect investment, as well as increased capacity to invest themselves. These Smallholders can feed themselves and their communities with the right support they get.


Farm projects available for investment are listed on the website. This makes it easy to review the available options to know the expected return and period. Then you select the preferred farm project(s) and invest into the preferred project(s).

Steps to be an investor
  • 1. Register as an INVESTOR
  • 2. Check for the AVAILABLE FARM PROJECTS
  • 3. Buy the units out of the INVESTABLE FARM PROJECT
  • 4. Make Payments through the available Platform
  • 5. Check your registered mail for CERTIFICATION OF FUNDING
  • 6. Wait for the farm project expiration then YOU EARN

Amina's Story

JETFARMS opens a Farm Project (Rice Farm) in April 2019 at N10000/unit at 30% in 10 months and has over 1000 units to be sold. Amina Chuta, registers as an Investment Partner and decides to buy 100 units of the Rice Farm at a price of N1,000,000 on April 18, 2019. She pays the required amount and properly fills out all the required information. At the end of 10 months, on the 18th February, 2020 she will be receiving the sum of N1,300,000 in her registered account on or before the payout day. She can then decide to pay her rent, pay for her MBA or fund her wedding.

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