Agricultural Partners (AP):

Agriculture represents 25% of Nigeria’s GDP. Approximately 70% of the population engage in agricultural production at the subsistence level. Smallholder farmers produce 85% of the national agricultural output, but have little or no access to funds, agricultural inputs or technology to develop their operations. Inadequate finance has restricted production, impeded possible expansion and prevented access to inputs like fertilizers, pesticides, equipment and technology for value addition. Hence, potential AP cannot scale their operation and prevent or mitigate losses due to pest, diseases and other natural occurrences. These impediments lead to financial losses and compromise the ability of potential AP to achieve robust harvests, deliver on production contracts or meet market standards.

Investment Partners (IP):

Young people have fewer responsibilities and tend to earn more than they can spend as they progress in their careers. Most want to save for specific goals like marriage, advanced education, rent and cars in the short term but would prefer to put their money to work instead of just dumping it in a commercial bank where it reduces over time. Most of the traditional investment options like real estate, bonds and stocks are only profitable in the long term. Our potential investment partners are constantly searching for credible investment alternatives in the short term.

Institutional Partners


Farm projects available for investment are listed on the website. This makes it easy to review the available options to know the expected return and period. Then you select the preferred farm project(s) and invest into the preferred project(s).

Steps to be an investor
  • 1. Register as an Investor
  • 2. Check for the available farm projects
  • 3. Buy the units out of the investment shares
  • 4. Make Payments through the available Platform
  • 5. Check your Mailbox for Certificate and Receipts of Funding
  •  Silver Investor (N5,000/ Unit)
  •  Gold Investor (N25,000/ Unit)
  •  Platinum Investor (N50,000/ Units)
  •  Institutional Investors